Welcome to JUNOSTMTools.

We are a group of JUNOS enthusiasts. On this site we will be sharing a collection of scripts,tools and cheatsheets that we have found useful for daily tasks we do operating a JUNOS based network.

Our aim is to create a repository for the community of network engineers and administrators using JUNOS. Your collaboration is the only thing that will make this happen.

All kinds of support is very appreciated, therefore please never hesitate to share the ideas, corrections, suggestions and scripts that you think or have found useful.

But before you start using any tools Please take a minute to read the disclaimer and always test results before using. We will be doing our part vetting the tools but no warranties. Bugs and mistakes can happen so always verify.

Please reach us at support@junostools.com, your feedback and ideas are of high value to us and they are the only thing that will make this place useful for all.